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12 February 2019 (21:40) Small increase in MF
09 February 2019 (23:24) Unfortunately, I no longer have the time to work on the server. I would like to sell the entire server (all scripts lua/C++, datapack, map, sources, client, etc. EVERYTHING) Please write here/otland forum if interested.
01 December 2018 (03:04) Major update 2.2 : Damage change, future reset, see the news below.
24 November 2018 (01:04) Ingame pinger fixed !
23 November 2018 (10:32) BPs will no longer close when dieing.///Manafluid has been reduced slightly.////Exura vita and Sio have been returned to original manacost. Players will no longer be able to SIO through walls!
09 February 2019 (23:29) by Administrator - Server for Sale

Unfortunately, I no longer have the time to work on the server.

I would like to sell the entire server (all scripts lua/C++, datapack, map, sources (along with everything needed to compile), client, etc. EVERYTHING )

The server can be made beginner-friendly for any first timers and I will be more then willing to explain anything you do not understand (no matter how big or small)

Please write here (forum/helpticket)

or PM me on javascript:nicTemp();  --

if you are interested.

12 December 2018 (03:34) by Administrator - Status Update

I've been having some issues with my computer for the last few days,

I believe I have finally fixed it.

Before these issues I was experimenting on a Linux server located in Europe.
Unfortunately... I'm unable to figure out how to make proxy work.
However, I will not give up. I'll keep researching and try to make it work over time

That being said the current host still needs to be changed.
The location will most likely be in Miami, Florida, to help players in South America.

I estimate the reset/opening of the new server to be around the beginning of the new year.

30 November 2018 (18:42) by Administrator - Upcoming Reset. Free BOH!

Free Boots of Haste, Soft Boots, & Bunnyslippers!

From left to right. 
  1. BOH, Softs, Bunnyslippers & Golden Boots
  2. FREE Pots (16sec exhaust)
  3. Custom backpacks (only extra cap)
  4. Gamble for stone skin amulets! Price 300-500 gp. Reward 1, 2, 3 , or 5 charges (rare)

The Reset
There is no set date for the reset, just know it's coming
I need to;
  • Become more familiar with linux OS (using windows host right now, more efficient to use linux)
  • Buy a new host in the US. (looking for Atlanta, Miami, New York, Dallas)
  • Buy a host in the EU AND test proxy! (when it's working, i'll start looking for BR host)
  • Add several client updates, including updating to 7.72 graphics

30 November 2018 (18:31) by Administrator - Major Update

Reset player's levels.
Starting level will now be 40.

Similar speed & speed boosts.
Damage adjusted/increased for each vocation.

23 November 2018 (10:10) by Administrator - Update.Death Closing BPs

Backpacks no longer close when dieing